Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

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Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

absolutely no need to deny those “in your pants feelings,” boys—be glad you still have ‘em.

Kurt and Blaine, on the other hand, are having some genuine long-term-committed-relationship issues, that unsurprisingly come to a head when Blaine finally notices how Kurt’s phone is blowing up with flirty texts from not him. You knew it was coming. Their fight is honest and believable, and I can easily see both boys’ points of view; Kurt misses the compliments and the spontaneity their relationship had when it was new, and feels insecure about whether he still truly has Blaine’s affections (plus he feels that Blaine is the “alpha gay,” which is kind of silly—when have the two of them ever been in competition for the same solo? They have completely different ranges!). And  Blaine, poor boy, is only acting distant because he’s sad that Kurt will be going off to college soon and leaving him behind. They do some adorable couples counseling with Emma, and it’s all good in the end; but I do appreciate seeing them wrestle with these very true to life issues rather than just being the perfect couple forever, because that’s boring. This storyline ends with Blaine saying Kurt is the love of his life, so I’m pretty sure it’s all good—even though there were definitely moments during Blaine’s solo when my friends and I all looked at each other and asked, “hold up, are they breaking up?”

There’s still so much more going on! Quick and dirty, we’ve got a Burt-Kurt nostalgia scene as Papa Hummel admits how much he’s gonna miss being Starsky to Kurt’s Gay Hutch once he’s off to college; a big bonding scene for the dudes in the locker room, more musical solos, and another round of wedding-planning spazziness from Will, who has deluded himself to the point where he thinks asking Emma to get married at a KOA campground is a legitimate option, even though she throws away a broom after using it once. It’s still unclear whether they’re actually going to get married next month, as Will wants; but once again, I’m paralyzed by not caring very much. The episode ends with a classically adorable group ensemble number featuring all our seniors (*sniffle!*), who have now worked through their grief enough to clean out the Whitney Houston locker shrine. Call me sentimental, but I totally got a little choked up when they flashed that old group photo from Season 1 at the end. Our little gleeks sure growed up nice, huh?

Now might be a good time to remind ourselves that this isn’t really the end; some of the graduating seniors have already confirmed that they will be returning next season (as of now, the official list includes Lea, Dianna, Chris, Cory, and Naya), we just don’t know why or how. My only working theory at present is that Quinn will learn she has to defer college for a year due to the constraints of her rehab, and in a show of gleeky solidarity, the rest of the graduating crew follows suit and sticks around another year to help see her through. That’s just a shot in the dark, though—considering how hard the writers have been working this year to surprise and bewilder us at every turn, who knows what the super-secret plot device will be.

We can’t help but notice that Brittany isn’t in the graduation pics; anybody else thinking our esteemed president may be getting held back a year? If it keeps Brittana going strong for another year, it’s a’aight by me.

That’s all for this week, bois & grrlz—and due to your intrepid Velvetpark reporter’s spring vacation schedule, we’ll be taking a 2-week hiatus from the Weekly Gleek. You’ll just have to process audition hour with Professor Whoopi and Prom-o-saurus on your own!


We’ll be back on May 15th for the super-duper-pre-finale-double-episode, so don’t fret kids. “Choke” airs May 1st at 8/7c on Fox. And that’s your week in gleek. 

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KS Stevens

Robin Rigby's picture

I'm pretty sure the shop is

I'm pretty sure the shop is called Between the Sheets because it sells sheet music, not vinyl. Kurt definitely looked like he was looking at sheet music of his song selections. 

I thought the whole "I'm ignoring you because I can't stand being without you" story from both Burt & Blaine was ridiculous. Do people actually do this? 

Jenny Aisenberg's picture

i think they do...!

yeah, I'm pretty sure avoidance is a legitimate thing. it's like a relative of passive-agression, when you just avoid confronting the thing that's making you sad (in this case, the fact that your darling kurt will soon be broadway bound). if only burt and blaine had gotten the super-secret season 4 script that explains how the graduating seniors will all be kept aroud next year...! ;p

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Conlite's picture

I must confess, I love any

I must confess, I love any number where Brittany takes the lead.

Happy spring vacation!

Marcie Bianco's picture

SQUEE!!! "I get so

SQUEE!!! "I get so emotional"! ...makes me think about dancing to Whitney with my bff in her bedroom so many years ago.

And, poor Quinn...

Jenny Aisenberg's picture

dancing to whitney at age 7 :)

toooootally. I'm pretty sure my first "acting out a music video" memory is of how will I know at my camp's talent show with my little 2nd grade clique. I still remember those high side ponytails with glittery silver scrunchies Smile

...and hey, no need to feel bad for quinn on the boner front now-- looks like she's finally got one she likes!

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)