Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

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Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

So Emotional.”


Dang diggy dangggg, ladies! Speaking of chemistry. These two have always been an untapped source of juicy duet goodness, and now they’ve finally realized their combined power, which could easily fuel the entire robot dinosaur army Brittany is doubtless planning for Prom-o-saurus. I just love Rachel and Santana being friends…and, okay, I wouldn’t mind seeing some angry sex, either, but their “crap, I just realized I’m actually gonna miss you” conversation is a pretty close second. I think I actually said “awwwwww!” out loud when Santana stuck Rachel’s picture in her locker, looked at it, and smiled to herself. That happy sexy feeling doesn’t last too long, though, because in the next scene we’re watching all the girls gossiping and relaxing together while they touch up their makeup in the girls’ room…and Quinn is doing her makeup in the reflection of the hand-dryer.

…And now I’m depressed again. The girls try to cheer Quinn up by asking her about Joe, but she’s convinced he’s not interested in her because of the wheelchair thing. Of course we know better, because at the same time, Joe’s off doing the guy version of bathroom gossip with Sam in the boys’ locker room; and he’s convinced Quinn’s the one who’s not interested in him. I don’t want to spend too much more time on the Quinn/Joe storyline, because we’ve already summed it up pretty thoroughly and there’s just a ton of other crap going on; but I have to reiterate here how much I love the honesty and authenticity of Sam and Joe’s grappling with what their faith actually means to them. Yes, says Sam, the Bible does say premarital sex is a sin; but it also says tattoos are a sin, and clearly that didn’t stand in Joe’s way when he inked himself up. There are plenty of things in the Bible that even the most devout Judeo-Christian doesn’t follow in the 21st century (like, say, selling your kids into slavery or making babies with the maid if your wife has fertility issues, just for starters). That doesn’t mean you throw it away; you just have to find a way to make it meaningful and relevant to your life. Rock on, God squad. There is

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New LGBTQA Musical

If you love Glee and would like to see a community LGBTQA musical this June, please join me in NYC for Pride for #BIG EXCELLENT 20TH REUNON.  You can get more info below.

Thank you, and cheers!



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I'm pretty sure the shop is

I'm pretty sure the shop is called Between the Sheets because it sells sheet music, not vinyl. Kurt definitely looked like he was looking at sheet music of his song selections. 

I thought the whole "I'm ignoring you because I can't stand being without you" story from both Burt & Blaine was ridiculous. Do people actually do this? 

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i think they do...!

yeah, I'm pretty sure avoidance is a legitimate thing. it's like a relative of passive-agression, when you just avoid confronting the thing that's making you sad (in this case, the fact that your darling kurt will soon be broadway bound). if only burt and blaine had gotten the super-secret season 4 script that explains how the graduating seniors will all be kept aroud next year...! ;p

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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I must confess, I love any

I must confess, I love any number where Brittany takes the lead.

Happy spring vacation!

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SQUEE!!! "I get so

SQUEE!!! "I get so emotional"! ...makes me think about dancing to Whitney with my bff in her bedroom so many years ago.

And, poor Quinn...

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dancing to whitney at age 7 :)

toooootally. I'm pretty sure my first "acting out a music video" memory is of how will I know at my camp's talent show with my little 2nd grade clique. I still remember those high side ponytails with glittery silver scrunchies Smile

...and hey, no need to feel bad for quinn on the boner front now-- looks like she's finally got one she likes!

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)