Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

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Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

impact on the Religious Right, I love how honest and thoughtful Joe is about his faith, and I can see the chance for the two of them to explore that together in some really meaningful ways, that will help Quinn a lot with her current struggles and her general insecurities in life. I’m looking forward to seeing this relationship develop in the next few weeks.

Is that a crucifix in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Moving on, Will sold his platelets to pay for a fancy wedding planner, and wants to move the wedding up to May (y’know, like next month) so the glee kids can all be there. Hijinks ensue, but I’m prevented from going into depth on this plot line by not caring very much. Wouldn’t you guys rather talk about Kurt and Rachel’s conversation when she catches him getting gooey over a text from Chandler? She assumes it’s from Blaine, of course; and she assures him it’s natural and lovely to get flirty texts from your boyfriend throughout the school day (Finn does the same for her, and she loves it, even though it’s usually just cutesy puns about her boobs).

When Kurt explains that it’s not his boyfriend who’s texting him cheesy pickup lines like “are you an astronaut, because your smile is out of this world,” she is understandably concerned, and gives her best gay a good sound talking to on the questionable merits of extra-marital texting. Kurt blows her off, explaining that he and his beau are currently suffering from the dreaded lesbian bed death, and that he doesn’t see anything wrong with enjoying some innocent attention from someone who he doesn’t have to schedule sexy time with. Rachel leaves him with the parting wisdom that, if he can’t show these texts to Blaine, then it’s obviously not that innocent.

Next up, we have Quinn and Joe singing “Saving all my Love for You,” which is lovely, and leads to another steamy physical therapy session where she can’t help but notice he’s got wood. It’s adorable and more honest than I’ve ever seen Quinn be with her feelings, but we’ve already discussed this plotline in depth, so let’s just hustle along to the hottest musical performance in this episode: the Pezberry duet of “I Get

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I'm pretty sure the shop is

I'm pretty sure the shop is called Between the Sheets because it sells sheet music, not vinyl. Kurt definitely looked like he was looking at sheet music of his song selections. 

I thought the whole "I'm ignoring you because I can't stand being without you" story from both Burt & Blaine was ridiculous. Do people actually do this? 

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i think they do...!

yeah, I'm pretty sure avoidance is a legitimate thing. it's like a relative of passive-agression, when you just avoid confronting the thing that's making you sad (in this case, the fact that your darling kurt will soon be broadway bound). if only burt and blaine had gotten the super-secret season 4 script that explains how the graduating seniors will all be kept aroud next year...! ;p

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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I must confess, I love any

I must confess, I love any number where Brittany takes the lead.

Happy spring vacation!

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SQUEE!!! "I get so

SQUEE!!! "I get so emotional"! ...makes me think about dancing to Whitney with my bff in her bedroom so many years ago.

And, poor Quinn...

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dancing to whitney at age 7 :)

toooootally. I'm pretty sure my first "acting out a music video" memory is of how will I know at my camp's talent show with my little 2nd grade clique. I still remember those high side ponytails with glittery silver scrunchies Smile

...and hey, no need to feel bad for quinn on the boner front now-- looks like she's finally got one she likes!

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)