Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

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Weekly Gleek: You Are the Alpha Gay

formalize the group therapy process and assign Whitney for the week, but with the caveat that the kids actually use their song selections to express their feelings about saying goodbye to high school.

While looking through Ohio’s best selection of vinyl at the oddly named “Between the Sheets” music store (unless it’s a music-sex toy combo shop?), Kurt meets Chandler Pew, a senior at Lima Heights North who is also NYC musical-theater-bound, and introduces himself by gushing over Kurt’s fabulous hippo head broach and his tremendous fashion choices generally. Kurt is clearly charmed by this little flirtation, and the two share a definite gay teen squee moment as they amp up each other’s excitement about their future plans; and when Chandler asks Kurt for his number, Kurt doesn’t bother to mention that he has a boyfriend. Uh-oh!

If only Kurt had his own person robot guardian to warn him when he’s about to step in it. Unfortunately, this is a non-silly week at McKinley, so no robotic sidekick for you, Kurt; you’re gonna have to figure out your relationship woes the old-fashioned way this time. More on this later—for now, let’s move on to our next amaaaazing Whitney cover, featuring our beloved President Brittany S. Pierce.


The only non-awesome thing about this number is that it starts to chip away at Quinn’s perky attitude about her paralysis; but we knew that was coming eventually. Seeing the awkwardness and the sadness on her sweet face when all her friends are dancing around jubilantly without her is just heartbreaking; even when Brittany does try to include her, it just doesn’t work, and anyone can see how fake-brave she’s being by now. I’m so bummed out, I almost miss the fact that they gayed the lyrics up, allowing Brittany to sing “I need a woman who’ll take a chance” and “Don’t you wanna dance with me, girl” to Santana. Totally badass. Still doesn’t erase sad kitten Quinn, though. Even Brittany “did you know dolphins are just gay sharks” Pierce picks up on this, and tries to cheer her buddy up by telling her, “You’re still dancing in my dreams, Quinn—and you can fly and breathe fire.”

Britt isn’t the only one who

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I'm pretty sure the shop is

I'm pretty sure the shop is called Between the Sheets because it sells sheet music, not vinyl. Kurt definitely looked like he was looking at sheet music of his song selections. 

I thought the whole "I'm ignoring you because I can't stand being without you" story from both Burt & Blaine was ridiculous. Do people actually do this? 

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i think they do...!

yeah, I'm pretty sure avoidance is a legitimate thing. it's like a relative of passive-agression, when you just avoid confronting the thing that's making you sad (in this case, the fact that your darling kurt will soon be broadway bound). if only burt and blaine had gotten the super-secret season 4 script that explains how the graduating seniors will all be kept aroud next year...! ;p

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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I must confess, I love any

I must confess, I love any number where Brittany takes the lead.

Happy spring vacation!

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SQUEE!!! "I get so

SQUEE!!! "I get so emotional"! ...makes me think about dancing to Whitney with my bff in her bedroom so many years ago.

And, poor Quinn...

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dancing to whitney at age 7 :)

toooootally. I'm pretty sure my first "acting out a music video" memory is of how will I know at my camp's talent show with my little 2nd grade clique. I still remember those high side ponytails with glittery silver scrunchies Smile

...and hey, no need to feel bad for quinn on the boner front now-- looks like she's finally got one she likes!

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)