The Gift

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The Gift

I sat in my acid green recliner, “the throne,” as I often refer to it. I was gearing up for a relaxing day off. The plan was to catch up on emails, make some appointments, work on my book and maybe read a little, then go to an appointment I had that afternoon and then I had plans for that evening. Now I should have known that something was up when my mom (who is crossed over) told me to cancel my afternoon appointment. But I didn’t question her, I just cancelled it even though I had no idea why I needed to.

It was my day off. Now anyone who knows me knows how seriously I take my days off. The work I do requires them as it can be very draining at times. So I have learned to set very strict boundaries about my days off being just that. Of course anyone who also knows anything about the “biz” I’m in also knows that sometimes, the HP (higher power) has another plan and those of us who are psychics and mediums, must answer those calls regardless of a day off or not.

The day started as planned. I was making appointments, I got to read some, caught up with a friend. Just as I was about to go into the writing zone, I saw an email response from a young man who I will call “Eddie” (to respect his privacy) who had requested an in person reading. I’m booked well into November at this point so I gave him my next available date sometime in mid November. Eddie very nicely responded back that while he would take that time slot he would also like to do the “ask one question” service that I offer because his father is in hospice care and he wasn’t sure that his dad would live until our appointment. Something didn’t feel right to me to charge him for the one question and then have him come for the reading.

That’s when my mom stepped in.

Now as you know, my mom, Mary, has been crossed over since 2003 and is still a hugely active part of my life. She told me to move Eddie’s appointment up and make it sooner. So I emailed him a closer date, but just as I hit send on

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Gemma Deller's picture

Yes it was amazing and I feel

so incredibly honored to have been a part of this whole process. This is truly the reason that I do what I do!!

Marcie Bianco's picture

life seems so miraculous when

life seems so miraculous when i read stories like this one—thanks for sharing, Gemma.

Grace Moon's picture

I've been at the death bed of

I've been at the death bed of 3 close relatives, its a gift to be there. really does put life into perspective.

thanks for sharing this (with eddie's permission)

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